Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hey, That's the Guy from Corvette Summer!

In the Spring of 1996, my friend Molly and I visited Universal Studios. We took the tour, ate the food, saw King Kong, smelled the bananas, all that stuff. As we were strolling through City Walk toward the parking lot, we saw a small line of people lined up. Molly darted over to the last person in line and asked what it was for, and they said: "Mark Hamill is up there!"

Well, Molly valiantly jammed into line literally seconds before some guy announced that the line was closed. I ran towards the now out-of-business Sam Ash (or whatever the hell it was) music store, and picked up two "Luke Skywalker" postcards. Moments later, we were in front of HIM.

After he signed the cards (mine with hearts!) we asked his handler if he could take a picture with us. Molly wisely walked around the table to Hamill's side, but, dumbass that I am, I leaned BACKWARDS over the table towards him. He grabbed me around my neck and pulled my face up against his. After holding my weird angle for a few seconds, my back began to quake with the effort of holding the pose.

"You're shaking." Hamill whispered in my ear. It was kinda sexy. The camera went off, and we went on our way.

Thanks, dude. You'll always have the most midichlorians in MY book.