Sunday, March 14, 2010

Even Sexy People Get it Wrong Sometimes

OK, even though I was alive and aware in 1984, as well as a rabid fan of Wonder Woman, I was unaware of this television extravaganza. It looks like this special might have been two parts Xanadu, one part John Denver, with a little bit of Donny and Marie thrown in.

Television stars frequently get the idea that they can sing as well as act. (I'm looking at YOU, Bruce Willis and Don Johnson.) Most times, even as a child, I would watch their public efforts with a hopeful, yet cringing embarrassment.  

Seriously, have you ever seen David Hasselhoff sing "Do Ya Love Me?" to Minnie Mouse at Disneyland in 1985, delivered to the stage by KITT wearing a silver lame' jacket? The awfulness will sizzle your eyeballs out. 

See a full description of other Disneyland cringe-worthy affairs at   

Though Lynda Carter is beautiful as well as the best personification of Wonder Woman ever, I never want to see her belt out "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" while wearing  rhinestones and peacock feathers. 

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