Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Greatest Jerks of the Silver Screen: Daniel from V The Miniseries

This is a tribute to "Daniel," one of the greatest jerks ever to grace the silver screen...the small one, that is.

In 1983, "V, The Miniseries" kicked the ass of the world. It's about an alien invasion that appears friendly at first, but soon becomes sinister, echoing all of the evils of the Nazi regime.

Daniel Bernstein, who is a human, betrays his kind to reap the benefits of working for the Visitor army. He becomes a Visitor Youth recruit, turning in neighbors and friends as enemies to the visitors for his own gain. His greed and power mad danger make him a character that is both compelling and repulsive. His story ends in a satisfyingly horrible way. Awesome.

I once spent an entire weekend in Yosemite watching V the Miniseries, eschewing the glories of nature to the joy of aliens in red jodhpurs.  It was totally worth it. If you can, enjoy this version of the miniseries before the remake comes out soon. If not for Daniel, do it for Marc "Beastmaster" Singer's ripped physique, on glorious display here.

Please enjoy the original "Daniel" costume from "V," purloined from Gary Emerald's vast collection. He also has the working (light up) "V" rifle, but I'm too lazy to photograph it.....perhaps I should have exercised a bit in Yosemite after all.

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