Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"They're Good Enough For Meeeeee, Ai ai yay ya ya yaaaaaa!!!"

Mouth. Chunk. Data. Brand. One-Eyed Willy. Goonies. Awesome film. Terrible action figures (2008). When I hear talk of a remake, all I can say is "no, no no no no nonono no."

The greatest part about that movie is when, after the big adventure is over and the parents and kids are on the beach, a town sheriff points to the group and says: "Hey, it's them Goobers!"

PS- Speaking of Data, (the brilliant child actor Ke Huy Quan) I  would much rather have seen Short Round in Indy IV than Marion. I'm just sayin'. I'm a Temple of Doom kind of gal. Now go out and buy Cyndi Lauper's 45 single for the film, you tightwads.

1 comment:

  1. Goonies R good enough, this movie aged well, its even better now. Too bad the action figures stunked!

    Short Round's mighty mug was disapointing too, didn't really capture the vibe....