Sunday, September 6, 2009

If This is Magic I Never Want To Fall In Love

OK, so this 45 seems really easy to pick on because the lynx (or whatever it is) looks so embarrassed. Eric Saxon could be the Norse God of humping and this image would still send chills up any wise girl's spine. I mean, a medallion AND a choker? (I'm not even going to mention the bare chesticles.)

I picked this 45 up for a dollar, but it didn't have the record inside. My interest was piqued by his obvious stage-name, "Eric" (like the Viking), "Saxon" (like the Normans and the Saxons of the Middle Ages), the fact that he's on "Chalice Records," and that his song is about Magic. Whooo-ee, I doth smell the Renaissance Faire!  Classic.

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