Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ugly Star Trek Art is the Best!

I thought that all of the ugliest Star Trek art was confined to 1970’s and 80’s-era fan fiction, but then I saw this 1986 Star Trek Activity Book.

It looks like marker-art Spock is gazing lovingly at Crayola “ape hands” Kirk while Doctor Bea Arthur hovers in the background. It’s also nice to see that outer space is rainbow colored now.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Greatest Jerks of the Silver Screen: Burke the Jerk!

Carter Burke: Jerks of the Silver Screen

There have rarely been scumbags immortalized on the silver screen as slimy as Carter Burke, played by Paul Reiser. Reiser, the now-beloved comedian and star of the long running sitcom “Mad About You” (1992-99) said that after Aliens, people would furiously curse at him on the street. Cast as a slimy company man, Burke dressed in irritating futuristic suits with no upper lapel, and always seemed to be sweating. He was a really effective douchebag.

His character is truly awesome. In addition to “personally guaranteeing” to Ripley that the return to planet LV426 was strictly to kill the aliens and not to bring them back or study them, he planned to sabotage Ripley and the soldiers’ sleep pods on the trip home. He even looses an alien face-hugger in a room where Ripley and 11-year-old Newt sleeps. When the aliens attack, he seals other survivors out of what he considers a safe room, only to meet his gruesome and very satisfying end. Carter Burke, I salute you, you horrible weasel!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DC Direct's Bizarro Mini Bust: Bitchen'!

I've always had a great love for Bizarro. Debuting in the late 1950's in Superboy comics, Bizarro had all of Superman's powers, except in the opposite of Superman's (bad is good, etc.).

I just like Bizarro 'cause he talks funny and looks cool, like The Incredible Hulk. DC Direct, the company that makes lots of groovy high-end collectibles made this Bizarro mini bust a few years ago, but even as it sits dusty and half-forgotten on my shelf, it still occasionally gives me a case of "the happies."


The Wild Wild West...Where's the Beef?

To my knowledge, there are precious few collectibles to be had from one of my favorite TV shows of all time, The Wild Wild West (1965-1969). Starring the manly and frighteningly agile Robert Conrad as Jim West and master of disguise Ross Martin as Artemus Gordon, the show debuted a year before Star Trek but displays one of Trek’s finest attributes: an uplifting friendship between honorable and upstanding men. The show was a hit, and was well loved by fans, even today. Still, the question remains: Why oh why aren’t there more Wild Wild West products for fans to collect?

Much like as The Man From U.N.C.L.E. was created to become “James Bond for TV,” The Wild Wild West (for our purposes, let’s shorten it to WWW) was created by Michael Garrison to be “James Bond on horseback.” Gene L. Coon (Star Trek Seasons 1 and 2 writer and producer) and Fred Frieberger (Star Trek Season 3 writer and producer) produced and wrote several episodes of WWW, solidifying the appealing friendship between Artemus “Artie” Gordon and Jim West. It’s no wonder that there is a strong love of WWW among Star Trek fans, myself included.

Most fans of The Wild Wild West are aware by now that Robert Conrad did all of his own stunts on the show. In fact, Conrad once quipped that he is reminded that he did all of his own stunts every time that he tries to get out of a chair. Fans also know that the show was filmed on the Western Street at the CBS Studio Center, in tiny Studio City near Ventura Blvd. Robert Conrad is still with us, god bless him, but Ross Martin, the fantastic Artemus Gordon, died of a heart attack in 1981. (Martin had his first major heart attack in 1968, during the filming of WWW).

Needless to say, a show like this calls out to be collected. If we were speaking of Star Trek, there would be dozens of items available from a decent 1960’s or early 1970’s vintage to collect. Alas, to my knowledge, there are only six things that fans can collect from WWW: WWW comic books (of which there are only seven, but at least they are picture covers!), the WWW lunch box, two writing tablets (one of Artie, one of Jim), a paperback (Jim with a red cover) and the WWW board game. There is also a terrible action figure of Jim West released in the 90’s, but it’s so awful that I won’t include it here.

If I had a time machine, I would do lots of things: save President Lincoln and John Lennon, assassinate Hitler in 1933, invent Coca-Cola, and discover ABBA. I would also send a letter-writing campaign to CBS in 1965, asking for loads of WWW paraphernalia to be made. If only, right?

Below are some images from a recent find, the WWW lunch box. Robbie and I have resisted the whole lunch box thing for years, but with WWW, you take what you can get!

 On the bottom and sides are images of Artemus Gordon's many disguises....
 And Ross Martin himself, looking hale and hearty.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Nite Owl I and II...Awesome.

The relationship between Nite Owl I and II was just hinted at in the film The Watchmen, but it was really cool and touching to see old superheroes revered and respected by their successors. Nite Owl II was my favorite hero in The Watchmen, and the gentleman who played him, Patrick Wilson, was stupendous. Here's a great pic of the two heroes in civilian garb.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Sexy Masterpiece Was Created in 1978!

Leonard Nimoy. Actor, musician, photographer...poet? Oh, yes. Poetry. Nimoy knows all about the depths of the human soul. In my vast collection of Nimoy-ology, here is a gem: Just ONE of Nimoy's many books of poetry, "Come Be With Me." 

As a bonus, I have included a sensual example from Nimoy's mental meanderings. Enjoy, humans.